Ronoc was established in 2007 as an investment and advisory services business based in Dublin, Ireland. Ronoc advises and invests in a broad range of businesses, including microfinance institutions, retail financial services, software providers for mobile devices and executive search services.

Since inception, Ronoc has increasingly focused on developing retail financial services in the emerging markets, particularly in the greater Eurasian region. Through its extensive experience of working and investing in the region, it has developed strong local networks and tailored strategies for operating in challenging political and economic settings. Applying context-specific risk management strategies, Ronoc strives to identify and generate investment opportunities which maximise returns and achieve meaningful social impact.

As an impact investor, Ronoc seeks to address the challenges of access to finance faced by many people in developing countries by providing risk capital to microfinance institutions and retail financial services institutions, thereby bridging the gap between nascent and in some cases, absent capital markets and the financial sector.

In this regard, Ronoc believes that it is possible to generate attractive returns to investors by pursuing growth opportunities focused on financial inclusion and facilitating wealth accumulation at the bottom of the pyramid. Ronoc therefore encourages the financial institutions in which it invests to engage deeply with the communities they serve and to develop long-term relationships with their clients.

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