About Ronoc


Ronoc is an Investment and Advisory Firm founded by Michael Madden in 2007. Ronoc specialises in emerging markets and is focussed on Retail Financial Services and FinTech. Through its Advisory business it has an extensive network and management strength, acting as an advisor to those seeking opportunities in Emerging Markets.

Ronoc brings a strategic and hands-on approach to investment with a key focus on Impact Investing. The Investment business actively seeks to identify opportunities complementary to our core expertise with a focus on improving access to financial services in emerging markets.

Ronoc headquarters are located in Ireland with offices in London, New York and Yangon. Ronoc has invested in a Portfolio of businesses ranging from Micro Finance, Retail Banking, Digital Payments and Mobile FinTech, based in countries such as Ireland, Mongolia, USA, UK and Myanmar

Ronoc carries out extensive Research and Analysis in Emerging Markets. This involves examining all areas, including the Economics, Political Stability, Investor Climate and Banking Industry of the markets.. We continually lead detailed analysis and reporting on potential deal flow targets with a focus on Creating and Developing Relationships with target investment institutions.