Investment Approach

Impact Investing With A Differentiated Approach

Ronoc strives to identify impacting investment opportunities in emerging markets, specifically focusing on Financial Services and Mobile Fintech space. Ronoc seeks to identify opportunities that will both improve access to financial services and also enable financial inclusion for the underbanked in high potential emerging economies. Ronoc brings a strategic and hands-on approach to investment with a key focus on impact investing. We seek to identify opportunities that will improve access to financial services and also enable financial inclusion for the unbanked. This is evident through one of Ronoc’s flagship investments in XacBank, Mongolia, the fourth largest bank in Mongolia, which boasts a diverse local and internationally reputable investor base and board.

Ronoc has been an investor in XacBank since 2008 when the institution was only a microfinance operation and since then Ronoc’s Chairman, Michael Madden has continuously served on the board of Directors and multiple sub committees, contributing and assisting to success that has seen the Bank develop into a fully fledge retail bank with its asset base growing from about US $78 million to $1.2 billion dollars over that period.Read more

In the Mobile Fintech space, Ronoc has worked in over 25 countries across five continents with sovereign governments, international financial institutions, leading development organizations, and businesses in the banking, telecommunications, and financial sectors. The team they have created has extensive and diverse expertise from management consulting, financial products and operations, systems architecture and mobile app development. In 2016 Ronoc developed and launched Ongo Mobile Money, a digital payments platform serving Myanmar. Today Ongo serves millions of individual consumers in addition to hundreds of B2B clients.Read more

Creating Value

In order to position institutions to capture market share and achieve rapid growth and profitability, Ronoc believes that close engagement with portfolio institutions is critical. In this regard, Ronoc will work with senior management to strengthen the following areas, among others: management capacity, corporate governance, financial systems and controls, credit analysis, management information systems, human resource management, marketing, client outreach and retention. In so doing, Ronoc will focus on enhancing the long-term sustainability of portfolio institutions long beyond exit.

As tailored, competitively-priced financial services are extended both to traditionally-overlooked and emerging demand segments, it will have a profound socio-economic impact on the ground, enabling marginalised groups to participate more fully in the financial and economic fabric of their countries through asset accumulation and savings mobilisation.

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