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Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Saturday made a pitch to foreign investors, promising a clearer legal framework and opportunities in untapped economic sectors, two weeks after U.S. President Barack Obama lifted most sanctions on the country. Since taking power in April, Suu...
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The Myanmar Government plans to issue MMK 1.85Tn (USD 1.53Bn) in bonds next month, 60% of its total borrowing, to lower reliance on the Central Bank, help lower inflation, and move towards a more market-driven debt market. Myanmar has no international debt issued currently b...
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Over the past 18 months central Yangon's property prices have softened, but buying a home remains a distant dream for the majority of Yangonites. As more people flock to the city, power cuts increase, traffic worsens, and demand for housing continues to rise.   Yet in Dala...
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A sudden hike in Myanmar's bean prices has baffled some farmers as demand from India surged this week. Agriculture still employs more citizens than any other sector and accounted for USD 1.2Bn or 10% of the country's exports in 2014. Of this, the vast majority is from pulses to I...

Key Myanmar Statistics

GDP - USD 59.4 Bn
GDP Growth - 8.5%
Population - 51.41Mn
Inflation - 8.39%
Bank Deposit - 8%
Bank Lending - 13%

Key Myanmar Statistics

  • October-231,289.5
  • October-221,293.3