Bonding with the neighbours

The Myanmar Government plans to issue MMK 1.85Tn (USD 1.53Bn) in bonds next month, 60% of its total borrowing, to lower reliance on the Central Bank, help lower inflation, and move towards a more market-driven debt market.

Myanmar has no international debt issued currently but engaged Citigroup and Standard Chartered last year to form a credit rating, expected to be BBB if stability continues with the new government

Key Myanmar Statistics

GDP - USD 59.4 Bn
GDP Growth - 8.5%
Population - 51.41Mn
Inflation - 8.39%
Bank Deposit - 8%
Bank Lending - 13%

Key Myanmar Statistics

  • September-181,322.5
  • September-171,322.7
  • September-161,321.1
  • Weekly Overview


    Myanmar: Ethnic group storms out of peace talks

    The 20,000-strong United Wa State Army is one of the strongest ethnic armed groups represented at the talks.

    A spokesman for the Wa told the Democratic Voice of Burma media group that the delegates left after being told they were only accredited as observers to the peace talks, which was discriminatory.

    Myanmar's Suu Kyi kicks off peace conference with appeal for unity

    Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi launched a major push to end decades of fighting between the military and myriad rebel groups with an appeal on Wednesday to the country's ethnic minorities to overcome their differences to achieve peace.

    Business & Investment

    Ambitious target set for upcoming bond auctions

    The government has set an ambitious target for its upcoming Treasury bond auctions next month, aiming to sell about K1.85 trillion (US$1.53 billion) in debt, to account for 60 percent of its domestic borrowing for this year's budget, a senior official from the Central Bank told the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw last week.

    Japan set to reap returns on investment in Myanmar

    After over 20 years of sanctions and international pariah status, Myanmar has begun to come in from the cold. It has taken the 2010 elections, a new "civilian" president and the by-elections of 2012 to convince the international community that the transition to democracy is "real".

    New policies due at Myanmar Investment Commission

    The Myanmar Investment Commission is preparing to release new policies next month, according to the deputy director of the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration, which acts as a secretary to the investment approvals body.

    Over 300 jade mining permits to expire this month

    Permits for 321 jade and gems blocks will expire in September, the government has said, and will not be renewed, under an industry-wide freeze on new licences expected to continue until by-laws to the Myanmar Gemstones Law have been passed.